Pros & Cons of Being Billionaire

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Recently Forbes magazine has published a report on the billioanires. The report shows that the quantity of billionaires has intensified by 15% and in Asia India is the pioneer. Because of the share market the number of billionaires has increased in India. The Chairmen of Financial Times Bureau Mr. M.K. Venu thinks that from any time of period, opportunities are much better in India now. But not only in the Asia the number of billionaires has increased in the United States, United Kingdom, China also. Among them Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Lary Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg, Li Ka Shing, James Stunt, Liu Ziangdong, David Koch are very much popular. As like everything there are some advantages and disadvantages of being a billionaire. Let’s have a look at this.




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